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Keep the Essential

A problem facing the regular Internet user today is how to keep track of bits of information found on the Internet. Current solutions such as (social) bookmarks provide only partial and unsatisfactory solutions. Example: The bookmarked URL is no longer valid.

Our system, called memonic.com, helps you to remember the relevant parts of information you come across: The tool lets you easily collect all the important pieces of information during your day/work.

Once collected, you are able to access your knowledge in a natural, contextual and visual way anywhere, anytime and on any device. You may easily organize your items and either import them effortlessly to a number of other applications or simply distribute and share them with your colleagues and friends.

In brief it's a system that can be likened to a Rolodex of the Internet: Virtual little cards holding bits and pieces of information for later use. Information becomes truly fluid.

The company behind this idea

Memonic is our first product. Our vision of fluid information is broader: We think that today we still deal with digital information rather clumsily. Just like in the times of the Roman Empire, information on Websites is considered engravedin stone. We want to change this.

The company behind Memonic is called Nektoon. We founded and incorporated our company in January 2009. Why Nektoon? Nekton refers to the aggregate of actively swimming aquatic organisms in a body of water (usually oceans) able to move independently of water currents. (Nekton is contrasted with 'plankton', which refers to the aggregate of passively floating or drifting organisms occurring in a body of water.)

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