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The Golden Computer

31 August 2011 - Memonic voted best App of the year
Every year the readers of Germany's largest computer magazine, the ComputerBild, vote for the best computers, notebooks, software and apps. This year Memonic was voted by the readers of ComputerBild best App of the Year ahead of mighty Angry Birds.

Runner-up Appquest 2011 by Salesforce

30 August 2011 - Memonic selected runner-up at Appquest '11 competion
At the yearly Dreamforce conference of Salesforce our latest baby the Memonic Clipper for Salesforce was selected by a prominent Silicon Valley jury as runner-up behind the winner Bunchball in the annual Appquest competition.

CTI Start-up Label

22 June 2010 - Memonic is awarded the CTI Start-up Label
Since 1996, CTI has also been supporting successful, innovative individuals to set up new companies by means of its initiative CTI Start-up. CTI is promoting start-ups in a targeted manner.

W.A. de Vigier Prize

17 June 2010 - Memonic is awarded the W.A. de Vigier Prize. 
Since 1987 the W.A. de Vigier Foundation supports innovative and promising startups in Switzerland. Some refer to this prize as the “Oscar of the Swiss Startup Prizes.” Read full blog post.

Red Herring Top 100 Europe Tech Startup Winner

The Red Herring Top 100 Award recognizes leading private companies from Europe, celebrating these startups’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries. Read full blog post.

Internet World - Best Business Idea 2010 Bronze Medal

13 April 2010 - Memonic wins best business idea 2010 bronze medal
In a public vote Memonic wins just a little over five months after launch the bronze medal. The competition is organized by Internet World Business, Germany's leading and largest trade journal for the online industry. Read full blog post.

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