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These conditions on data protection are part of the general Terms of Use of this online platform (hereinafter “Platform”) provided by Nektoon AG, Zurich, Switzerland (hereinafter “Service Provider”). Your (hereinafter “User”) use of this Platform or of any content presented in any and all areas of the Platform indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to these data protection guidelines and our Terms of Use.

The User is obliged to state all personal information published by him on the Platform correctly and to keep it updated. The Service Provider is entitled, but not obliged, to verify this data with all appropriate measures. The User is obliged to assist in such verification procedure within a reasonable limit.

Swiss Data Protection Law is applicable to all personal data made available to the Service Provider. The User agrees that user data is recorded and processed on visiting the Platform. The User agrees that this data may be processed in conjunction with third parties for the purposes of optimizing the Platform and/or for market research or any other purposes the Service Provider deems necessary.

This Platform employs cookies. Cookies are used to manage services offered by Nektoon AG.

The Service Provider is entitled to transfer personal data of the User to other companies in the context of restructuring or mergers if the other companies undertake to abide by Swiss Data Protection Law.

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