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This page is a bit outdated...
...and will be upated soon. Stay tuned. If you have question on the topic, please contact us at comment@memonic.com

Every set is also available as Atom feed. You may subscribe to any public Memonic set (of your own or any other public Memonic set of your friends) in any feed reader. 

Simply add ".atom" to your Set URL to obtain the feed URL. Example:http://www.memonic.com/user/Johnny/set/travel-australia-s-great-ocean-road.atom 

The feeds allow you to create an automatic publishing system by including afeed widget into your website. On clipping simply select the "Options" menu and save your item straight to the desired public set (select permission level for the item itself public, too) and the item will automatically appear on your web page.

Signed feeds (OAuth)

If you use a feed in other programs it will not include your private Items or data from your groups. This is because the feed does not log in. So to be able to use your feeds from any web based reader such as Google Reader, Netvibes or many others, you will need to use our OAuth feeds.

To get the address for a signed feed, use the normal Atom feed address such as http://www.memonic.com/user/me.atom and add the following parameter: ?secure=oauth. So for example: http://www.memonic.com/user/me.atom?secure=oauth. This will output a long address that you can now use in any feed reader.

Warning: If you use this mechanism, make sure that you do not pass on these links to anybody. These links give everybody access to the private Items in your feeds.

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