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What is Squirro? 

Squirro is your personal digital research assistant. He delivers the info you want, when you need it. Squirro is an expert in content curation: Just give him a few keywords and he’ll filter out the noise to deliver just what you’re looking for – news, documents and even people.

  • Any topic, from the general to the obscure.
  • Any purpose, work or play.

Squirro is broader than feeds and more specific search, gathering content from a wide variety of sources and delivering it in simple and elegant digest that’s updated continuously and automatically. With Squirro, you can learn more, connect better and work smarter. Squirro reduces the noise of finding the information you want, so you can really harvest the content that matters.   

Why would you Squirro?

Work with Squirro to save time. You get automatically: 

  • Sales intelligence: Have the most up-to-date info about prospects ready, right when you contact them.
  • Market intelligence: Follow topics to better pinpoint trends in your industry or category – or find the “white” space to fill an unmet need.
  • Customer intelligence: Follow news about your customers and their interests – and track other needs you might fulfill
  • Competitive intelligence: Track their product development, media mindshare and what ideas they’re promoting 

So how does it all work?

Step 1 - Home

  • After you have installed Squirro for Salesforce at your Salesforce Home Tab (1) Squirro displays the newest search results as marked with number 2 on the screenshot.

Step 2 - Salesforce objects

  • Squirro search results are displayed throughout Salesforce objects like Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts. 
  • For each object you get personalized results relevant just for that account.

Step 3 - Squirro

  • You can add Squirro object to your Menu as marked with number 1 on the screenshot below.
  • The search results are shown below as marked with number 2
  • You can decide to post it on Chatter, to save it as Salesforce Note or just share the link 

Step 4 - Mail

  • Your personalized search results also come to you by mail and you can choose if you want to Save it to Memonic or Read it later

In case of trouble, questions or more, please contact us or fill out this support form.

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