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About Memonic

Memonic - Keep the Essential

Since November 2009 Memonic offers the possibility to capture the essential of any webpage – text, picture, videos or sound – and save it to a personal online notebook. Organize the content items to your needs. And find captured text, papers, pictures anytime anywhere. With full text search or your own tags. Memonic combines the advantages of bookmarks with your private full-text archive. Available for on the Web, Windows, the iPhone, and any Smartphone.

Press Releases & Buzz

The latest on Memonic

Press Releases

Release DateTitle
2011/09/21Put the Web into Salesforce: Memonic for Salesforce
2011/06/14Memonic releases the Dashboard: Note-taking just went social
2011/06/01Memonic releases a striking new look, and new app extensions
2011/05/04Free to roam with the brand new Android app from Memonic
2011/04/19Memonic launches brand new clipper
2011/03/15Planning your Royal Wedding experience
2011/02/15Memonic draws a positive balance on 2010 (German)
2011/01/25British Holiday-Planners Drowning in Sea of Online Research
2011/01/11Switzerland - Land of Innovations (German)
2010/02/23Memonic provides White Label Solution to Blogwerk (German)
Quick Facts
Founded 2009 by this team.
Beta Launch November 5, 2009.
Nektoon Inc. is the company behind Memonic.

Dorian Selz
+41 44 586 98 98
press [at] memonic.com

Press Information
Presskit: PDF

Memonic explained on cardboard:

How to Capture Web Content with Memonic:

Font Logo: PNGEPS,
Squirrel Logo: PNG , EPS

Founding Team: JPG
Dorian Selz & Patrice Neff, co-founders: JPG, TIFF
Dorian Selz, co-founder, ceo: JPG
Dorian Selz, co-founder, ceo: JPG
Dorian Selz with Product Picture JPG

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